Health-certified nail design with a sophisticated edge.


Achieve beautiful, professional nails without damaging your natural nail beds.

At The Beauty Library, we do this through our high standard of cleanliness in the studio, our skilled and in-house trained beauty technicians, and by offering affordable nail services tailored to your unique style.



Safe and Hygienic Practices

Not only do we focus on providing the service quality standards of the best beauty salons in the world, we also apply this to our hygiene practices. When you walk through our doors you’ll feel the pride and effort we put into our salon’s cleanliness — especially for our nail services.

The attention to detail is top priority in our studio; a pure and health-orientated space dedicated to your wellbeing. We’re passionate about avoiding the risk of infection in our nail services, so much so, that we don’t just opt for the regular whirlpool-style pedicure chairs, but we have individual bowls for each client to rest their feet. We make it a fresh experience every time you come in to get your pretty nails polished.

Our standalone bowls are custom-made by local artisans. After every pedicure, we thoroughly drain, clean and sanitize the basin, killing harmful bacteria and germs that can cause infection.

In addition, our metal tools are medically sterilized after each use with an autoclave system. They are then immersed in a sanitizing solution with higher concentration than those available in local pharmacy. Pamper yourself knowing that your treatment is safe and clean. 


A Specialist Team Trained in Modern Nail Technology

With 10 years experience in nail technology, you can be fully assured your technician has the knowledge to provide you with a safe, beautiful manicure. We only work with the best in nail beauty; our technicians are fully-certified in their knowledge of nail structure and nail-related diseases.

All our nail technicians undertake our in-house training programme developed by Michiyo Kitagawa, a well-known Japanese Nailist Association (JNA) instructor, and certified by Le Vernis Academy, Japan.


Industry-Leading Custom Nail Services

Among the brands we use for nail services are CND (Shellac), INM, OPI, Cuccio Naturale, Pregel and Jessica (Geleration). We use allergy-free glue for our eyelash extension services. Usually only handled by advanced level specialist, this is the glue used in clinical practice and emits minimal amount of formaldehyde.

Your nail technician will work with you, to help you create custom art on your nails — unique to you. Get lost in our selection of faux gemstones, glitter, studs, and over 800 nail varnish colors. You’ll be the only person in Bangkok with your one-of-a-kind chic nail art design. Some of our most popular nail services include very natural looking 3D Gel Nail extension, 3D nail arts, and our ‘Siamese Love Spell’ nail spa as well as our ‘Legendary Herbs’ nail spa.

“Siamese Love Spell” Hand and Foot Spa

Experience the ancient Waan Sao Long, a local legendary remedy from the North and North Eastern part of Thailand, believed to possess the elements of luck and charm. The Beauty Library brings this rare and local treasure to our guests as skincare products in our FDA-approved “Siamese Love Spell” line. Waan Sao Long has been scientically tested and certified to contain high anti-oxidant properties. Enjoy this relaxing Signature Service that will leave your skin soft, supple and well-hydrated.

“Legendary Herbs” Hand and Foot Spa

This Signature Service of ours works wonder to reverse the effects of dull, dry, tired, bloated and irritated skin. Formulated with 10 specially sourced local herbs, your ritual will begin with a therapeutic one-of-a-kind herbal soak, packed with skin nourishing and anti-oxidant properties. We then thoroughly removed impurities and provide care for your nail with proper manicure and pedicure work. Pressed For Time? Our herbal soak is also offered as an express service for those who needs a quick pick-me-up at the end of the day!

We also offer basic nail services:
Shape and Polish
Basic Manicure and Pedicures
Acrylic Extension
Gel Extension

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