Turn over a new page with a look that compliments the real you – sophisticated, fun, and chic. We craft beautiful looks for our clients based on the latest in beauty trends to fit your personality and style.


Eyelash Services Unique to You

Here every occasion is special; whether you need a beautiful look for your wedding day, a birthday party, or any other occasion.

Be comforted by our incredible attention to detail in our eyelash applications.

We know how important eyelashes are to a beautiful, fresh-off-the-press face. We work with you to apply eyelashes in a healthy, non-damaging process.

You don’t have to worry about: the impact of faulty glues on your delicate eyes, the loss of your beautiful, natural lashes, or an application that takes away from your authentic beauty.


Beautiful Lashes, Every Time

We follow a process every time we apply your lashes, to ensure consistency, comfort and beauty in each application. All our technicians are certified by the Japan Lash Association (JLA), and are held to the highest standard of lash safety and technique.

  1. A consultation with a beauty expert

We’ll start with a lash consultation to make sure we can meet your beauty needs. Your technician will now take you through a lash consultation form. This is a unique part of your beauty experience; it allows us to listen to you and source the best in whatever you desire for the quantity, length, thickness, or design of your lashes.

We can also consult on the ideal match for your facial type and the shape of your eyes. Here, you can address any eye or eyelash concerns before application.

  1. Choose your glue

Now is your chance to choose the perfect glue for your lifestyle and overall look.

  1. Pre-application agreement

Before we begin the application, we require you to sign a consent to allow us to perform our beauty services.

  1. Applying your lashes

Application takes between 1-2 hours, and involves the following steps:

  • First, we apply a gentle masking tape (for beauty use) to the lower lashes to ensure no glue can stick.
  • Next, to ensure your new lashes last even longer, we cleanse your natural lashes with the finest product. Pre-treatment is a crucial part of eyelash application.
  • Then we apply your lashes: your extensions are carefully applied one-by-one. For your comfort, there is typically a 1.5mm gap between the extensions and roots.
  • To finish, we dry the glue on your eyelashes using an air compressor.
  • We do any last final touch ups or modifications at your request and give you advice on how to ensure your eyelashes are kept in tact.

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